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Free proxy site to unblock websites that are blocked in your location.

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Our proxy site is free to use for everyone to unblock websites and surf the web without restrictions, while we still protecting their privacy. Place an end to internet censorship and unblock websites that are blocked in your school, work, or country. We believe that everyone has equal rights and freedom to access and browse the web, no matter where you are located in the world. Since your call to browse any blocked websites goes through our free web proxy instead of you directly browsing the destination site, you can really get access to any blocked websites without any restrictions.

Anonymous Browsing

We assess the privacy and offer you to browse with the knowledge that you are protected. Our free proxy both keeps you anonymous from the web servers you watch and allows you to bypass all network restrictions from colleges, workplaces, or governments. Enjoy using our free proxy and be sure to tell your friends about our free proxy site! When it comes to the internet, guarding your privacy is the key to protecting yourself from hackers and data thefts. When you browse websites using our 100% free proxy site, your IP address is hidden, and instead, our server's IP address is exposed to the Internet. You are avoiding the risk of exposing your valuable data and all requests made through our free web proxy to the target website from your location and ISP. All your communications through our free proxy service are the end to end encrypted, so you do not need to worry about data sniffers or other network bad boys.

Secure Free Proxy

Our secure free proxy enables our visitors to browse the internet anonymously (unlike many other proxy sites) who run on shared hosting with no secure certification. We do the precise opposite by encrypting all your valuable information using high-technology secure SSL certificates. Not only does this retain your information safe but it also decreases the ability of networking monitoring tools from capturing your data. With our incredibly powerful cloud servers located from around the globe, we can provide a very fast connection to the internet and this results in remarkably fast and unrestricted free proxy browsing! Our proxy site uses the latest 128-bit SSL to encrypt communications between your browser and the websites you visit, therefore protecting your privacy and providing secure protection against monitoring. All your requests through our free web proxy are safe and secure. You can watch popular music videos or movie trailers on YouTube and Vimeo or update your status on Facebook and Twitter. The possibilities are unlimited when using our free proxy site.

How does website proxy work?

Our free web proxy is able of unblocking blocked websites in your school, region, or country. This is accomplished by transmitting your request to our free proxy servers, which in service forwards the request to the destination server and the response from the destination server is routed back to your browser through our free proxy server. Our free web proxy creates a secure tunnel for you to get access to all your favorite websites bypassing firewalls and other restrictions anonymously.